Natural Plan Stomach Soother is the natural & affordable remedy for stomach & digestive issues in animals
Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Alpacas, Llamas, Rabbits Ponies & more!

Soothing Stomachs Since 2004 - Naturally & Affordably
Accept NO substitutes - Natural Plan Stomach Soother (tm) is the ORIGINAL stomach soother

Whether your friend is a horse, dog, cat - Natural Plan Stomach Soother may help your animal with: Horse Ulcers, Diarrhea, Cribbing, Foal Scours, Weaning, Lack of Appetite, Weight Maintenance, Giving Medications, Trailer or Travel Stresses

Find out why the Horse Journal reported that Natural Plan Stomach Soother provided "rapid relief within 3-5 days" for horses with symptoms of "poor appetite for grain, mild depression/irritability & sporadic belching". Leading Equine Colleges, Vets, Trainers & Riders trust Natural Plan Stomach Soother - you can too - Get on the Plan today!

Natural Plan Stomach Soother(tm) is the all natural,economical way to help your horse or animal friend with ulcer pain, colic, stomach issues, diarrhea, giving medications, hairballs, gassiness, travel sickness plus a whole lot more - it's the single ingredient, multi-symptom reliever. Made from 100% human grade papaya - the best there is - NPSS is specially processed to preserve as much of its natural goodness as possible. Natural Plan Stomach Soother is the cost-effective alternative to costly medications that can cost $40 or more a tube. NPSS doesn't test, has no known side effects and animals love the taste. Best yet - it's made in the USA & animals love the taste!